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PSOD Dance Team

The PSOD Dance Team consists of talent from the community. These local young people have very impressively made a name for themselves in the Ontario dance industry. For nine seasons, the PSOD Dance Team has competed successfully, achieving high standings, scholarships, special judges' awards, and cash prizes.

Our dancers are taught to be goal-setters and high-achievers, and that hard work equals success. They are taught to embrace their education in the fine art of dance. The PSOD Dance Team community is a group of close-knit dancers and their families

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Team Accomplishments

It is with great pride and pleasure that Ecole de danse Powell School of Dance Inc., family and friends congratulate the PSOD Dance Team for their accomplishments and achievements! Your hard work, perseverance and diligence throughout the year shines through when you're on stage!


Competitive Sponsors

Powell School of Dance wishes to acknowledge the wonderful corporate sponsors who have generously donated in support of the PSOD Dance Team! Click here to learn more about the competitive sponsors. 


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